The Problem of the Wilderness

The Problem of the Wilderness - Bob Marshall, 1930

It is well to reflect that the wilderness furnishes perhaps the best opportunity for pure esthetic enjoyment. This requires that beauty be observed as a unity, and that for the brief duration of any pure esthetic experience the cognition of the observed object must completely fill the spectator’s cosmos. There can be no extraneous thoughts—no question about the creator of the phenomenon, its structure, what it resembles or what vanity in the beholder it gratifies. “The purely esthetic observer has for the moment forgotten his own soul”, he has only one sensation left and that is exquisiteness. In the wilderness, with its entire freedom from the manifestations of human will, that perfect objectivity which is essential for pure esthetic rapture can probably be achieved more readily than among any other forms of beauty.

enjoying the shot

ive been spending quite a bit of time thinking about the hobby of photo. in some regards video and story capture as well. i think i have become so used to the click, that i have lost the intention. its something that i am working on. being more spontaneous with what i do. spending time with the moment and deciding what to capture and what to experience. this video is incredibly thought provoking. i hope it causes you to question.